Five Good Reasons to Start Your Own Business

Tired of your current job? Do you want to be the guy with the corner office? Then maybe it’s time to start your own business. Owning a business need not be a daunting task, as in this day and age it is easier and simpler now than it has ever been. File a few legal forms and for a couple hundred dollars you can get your business license.

But say you want to do something bolder like own your own bar as your first business. You could go it alone and try to reinvent the wheel, figuring out everything from scratch like so many before you and make the same mistakes they did, or you could think about buying into a franchise where they can help guide you along your path to success. So aside from financial opportunities, why would you want to start your own business at all?


When you work for someone else you are at their beck and call. Whenever your boss wants you, that’s when you show up. Your children’s play or a great vacation opportunity might come up, but you won’t be able to go because of the schedule. But if you are the boss, you set the hours. If you own your own bar or other business, you can hire a manager who can handle the day to day business operations for you. Owning a business, if you do it right, can give you huge flexibility in your schedule.

Job Security

When you’re the boss, things like job security don’t have the same penetrating fear that they used to. When you own your own business, who can fire you? You do need to ensure the continued success and prosperity of your business which is a great motivator to make you grow, expand, and profit from your business. The only difference between you and a successful bar owner is that that owner went out and took the risk to do it. He or she had a learning curve just like you and made it, so you can, too.

Now, all noble ideals aside, earning a reliable income is probably the reason you want to start your own business. Owning your own bar is one of the best bets. A beer that cost you $2 or less to buy is usually sold for between $5 and $10; it depends on what else you serve and whether you want to focus on volume or the individual sale. Once you pay your staff, any necessary municipal and national taxes, and the lease on your building, the rest of the money made each night is the profit you get to keep.

If your new bar is an upbeat, trendy place with a fun atmosphere then you’ll find it is a popular hangout place and the longer your customers stay, the more they eat and drink, and the more you stand to make.

Your Legacy

What did your mother do for a living? Or your grandfather? Odds are you are not in either of those fields because when you work as a nurse or in a business for someone else you can’t pass that on, but if you own your own business, then that is an investment not just in your future but in your family’s future as well. As you grow your business, your family and children will usually be some of your first employees.

It’s a steady pool of employees, and it also lets them take part in the building process. When you decide to retire, you can do so knowing that your business you built is in the best hands available, your children’s. If you own your own business you can help put generations of children, grandchildren, and even great grandchildren through college and give them a better life through the company you build.

Help others

Have you always wanted to help people in your community, or friends and family who are out of luck and out of work? You will probably never be able to make a big impact while working to support yourself. But when you start your own business, you will be able to make the change. You can hire people in your community you know need work and you will have more income to invest in helping others.

What’s great is depending on how you do this is that it not only helps out those in your local community but it can also be nearly free advertising as well. Your community will like having you be a part of it for what you give back, and keeping your name out there as a kind-hearted owner goes a long ways. Employ people who need jobs, help your community, and get free advertising – what’s not to like?

Your dreams

It may sound silly but the fact is, if you own your own business, you can help your dreams come to fruition. The dream of setting your own hours, the dream of financial independence, the dream of job security, or maybe the dream of that vacation home on an island – any of them can be possible. Owning your own business is also the chance to pursue your passion. What do you want to do in the world? What is your dream job? Don’t go apply for it – start it!

When you start and own a business you love, you stop needing to worry about work-life balance and it becomes work-life integration. As you hone your skills and your passion for what you do you start to love your work, and the more you learn it, love it, and work on it the more profitable it becomes. You literally get paid to do what you love!

One of the best ways to start your own business is through Coco Cubano franchises. You get to be your own boss and have the rewarding experience of running a restaurant. So why not explore the options of Coco Cubano and get started on your new path today?